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PACTware Roadshow USA 2012
successfully finished


Ettlingen, 31.10.2012

[Anrede] [Name],

if you participated at one of our events in Houston or New Orleans: thank you for coming! It was nice to meet you and inform you about current developments in software and hardware of the sponsoring companies.

If you could not attend one of the events: you missed very lively discussions with competent and well trained colleagues in our workshops.

During our aditional presentation at Holiday Inn - Beaumont Plaza Convention Center, hosted by ISA-Section Southeast Texas, we had interesting discussions as well, even without showing our multivendor demowall. Especially the low cost package PACTware & Generic HART DTM (e.g. 500$/site) for parameterization and calibration of every HART device in a plant convinced the audience.

If you want to learn more about using PACTware and Generic HART DTM please refer to our training videos on youtube (screen recordings) or read the attached handout.

In case of any questions regarding these products, please feel free to contact me at any time.

If you do not  object I will keep you informed by our newsletter.

Best regards from Ettlingen

Joachim Tschampel

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